Theres are virtually endless applications for indoor and outdoor safety surfacing. Non-slip Rubber or Synthetic Turf is soft underfoot whilst being durable and weatherproof. Rubber safety surfacing and Artificial Lawns can even be installed on sloped ground.

Rubber safety surfacing

Applications include (but are not limited to):

The wide range of colours available in all of our surface materials means that safety surfacing is an increasingly popular choice for landscape architects.

Reduced maintenance, increased safety

Sport and recreation facility managers needn’t worry about repainting lines on safety surfaces - the rubber can be poured in long-lasting colours, meaning lines won’t wear away.

Although soft fall is required for rubber playground surfaces, it is certainly not limited to this application. For increased safety in gyms or other outdoor areas, soft fall can be installed to help protect young and old alike.

Drought-proof artificial lawn

This product can be installed in both commercial and domestic applications, modern Synthetic Turf is low-maintenance, drought-proof and long lasting.

Flexitec Synthetic Surfaces can even install artificial lawns with soft fall, making it a viable alternative to rubber playground surfaces.

Applications for Synthetic Turf include:

  • Median strips

  • Sandpit surrounds

  • Backyards

  • Playground surfaces

  • Sports ovals

Installing Artificial Lawn can vastly reduce time and money spent maintaining outdoor grassy areas. In addition, Synthetic Turf does not need to be watered, or mowed helping councils, schools, homes and commercial developers save time and money.

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