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How do outdoor conditions affect artificial grass?

  • Sun - artificial turf is made from fibres that have a very high UV protection, which means that it won’t fade.
  • Rain – a very small amount of water may drain through synthetic lawns, but generally the water will run off or evaporate. This means that kids and pets playing on artificial turf after rain don’t return covered in mud!
  • Pets – pet urine will not bleach artificial turf and the consistency of the synthetic lawn tends to discourage dogs from digging, allowing damage-free play.

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Do you install throughout Australia and overseas?

We install artificial grass, rubber playground surfaces and other types of synthetic safety surfaces Australia-wide. We have also installed Equine Rubber as far afield as the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the United Arab Emirates.

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How long can Flexitec Synthetic Surfaces surfaces be expected to last?

Our artificial grass and rubber playground surfaces carry a minimum three year warranty subject to correct installation and fair wear and tear. However, the serviceable life of your safety surfacing or synthetic lawn could be ten years or more.

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What colours are available?

EPDM and TPV are available in 16 different colours, with bright inclusions like pink and green apple, as well as in speckled combinations. This colour range gives you real freedom in designing rubber playground surfaces.

CSBR is available in 16 more muted colours as well as a range of speckled combinations.

Our Synthetic Grass is manufactured in hues that match natural grass colours. This means that the only way neighbours will be able to tell you have artificial turf is when your lawn stays green over a hot, dry summer.

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How do I know which product suits my application?

You have a wide range of options for pools, playground surfaces, decks and commercial applications.

Flexitec Synthetic Surface's years of experience in the industry mean that we can quickly advise on the best product to suit your particular application and budget. In providing sufficient information on the type and size of your project, you are ensuring we can provide a quote on synthetic lawn or safety surfacing almost immediately.

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How safe are Flexitec Synthetic Surfaces?

Our rubber playground surfaces have been tested for safe fall height in accordance with AS4685:2004. In general, the safe fall height of rubber playground surfaces should be no less than the maximum height of that part of the equipment to which the child has reasonable access. Flexitec Synthetic Surfaces safety surfacing can provide safe fall heights of up to 3.1 metres.

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